Google Play Music update will allow you to hide the application forever

While Google Play Music has been officially “dead” and users are encouraged to switch to YouTube Music, there are devices that cannot uninstall the application because it is pre-installed at the factory. So now we are getting the latest now useless app update that will allow you to hide the app and free up space on your device. If your device is one of the newer you can go ahead and remove the app, but for those who haven’t been able to do so, this is an update you need.

If Google Play Music keeps haunting your smartphone, even if it has since moved to another music streaming service, download the latest update, version 8.29.9112-1.W. This will go down in history as the last update of the defunct app. You’ll see the “Google Play Music is no longer available” screen, as well as a nudge for you to go and explore YouTube Music, if you haven’t already.

9 to 5 Google notes that there is something new with this update. A “Free up space” message appears and below it are three options. “Hide application” means that you will no longer be able to open it and it will disappear from your application drawer. You can also choose “Delete all local data” in case you could not delete the downloads within the application before the application crashed. There is also “Open application information” which can also be practically useless.

This update is really more for those who cannot uninstall Googe Play Music because it has been pre-installed there. Some devices like the Pixel 3 that have it as the default application have the option to disable it from the application information page, but not everyone knows about it. At the very least, newer devices that have YouTube Music pre-installed will be able to remove the Google Play Music app just like any other app on your phone.

So yeah, this is the last nail in the coffin of this poor app. However, there are not many broken hearts, as there are now many other options on the market, including the official replacement, YouTube Music.

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