Google Pixel Buds A to remove characteristic swipe gestures

Google Pixel Buds: a concept

Google is working on a new pair of Pixel Buds. We are almost sure of that. A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned that the tech giant could launch a more affordable Pixel Buds A. Then it was soon leaked onto a Google Nest mailing list in green. The Pixel Buds line is slated for a new model after the first pair of Pixel Buds were released around this time last year. The presence of a new model was made public after the Pixel Buds app update revealed some hints.

It was mentioned that you are probably ditching the swipe gesture when adjusting the volume. There is no official announcement from Google, but the application code has references to the next functions. Spotting features in code doesn’t always mean they’re final and official. The Android team might only be testing these features.

The Google Pixel Buds app is ready for an update. Wait for 1.0.367372739. This version, when the application is analyzed, mentions a “type_two” device. The Pixel Buds A are believed to be the next generation headphones because the 2020 Pixel Buds were known as “type_one”.

Some changes have been noticed such as the absence of a charge indicator inside the case. It is believed that some functions are removed, such as the “Slide_ back” and the “Slide_forward”.

Swipe gestures may have disappeared. If that happens, we imagine that many people will not be happy. The affordable price of Pixel Buds A can, however, make a difference and make Google sell more pairs.

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