Google Pixel 5a phone will be delayed due to chip shortage

Google Pixel 5a lag

More product schedules are being challenged. This is somewhat expected due to the ongoing chip shortage. We can also expect more companies to announce related news. But as for Google, the tech giant has officially confirmed the delay of the Pixel 5a 5G. The phone exists, but it will be delayed and unveiled before the end of 2021. The smartphone is rumored to be totally canceled, but Google was quick to deny it. There will be a new 5G phone from Pixel in addition to the Pixel 6.

A Google representative saying: “Pixel 5a 5G is not canceled. It will be available later this year in the US and Japan and was announced in line with when the a-series phone was introduced last year. “

There is still an ongoing supply chain problem amid the pandemic. It has been affecting various OEMs like Xiaomi and Samsung. Xiaomi could pass high costs on to consumers. The Samsung Galaxy Note 21 may also be canceled due to chip shortages.

The upcoming mid-range Google Pixel phone will continue to be available. It will definitely give me 5G support. We’re just not sure if it can handle both Sub-6 and mmWave support.

As for the Pixel 5a, we think it can use Google’s new “Whitechapel” chip like the Pixel 6. We can also expect a centrally placed selfie camera.

We’ve also seen image renderings of the Pixel 5a. It was spotted at AOSP last year with a foldable Pixel phone.

The Google Pixel 5a The phone must be advertised in the second half of the year. A second quarter announcement is impossible now. There may not be a launch in the third quarter, but we will know more at the Google I / 0 2021 technology conference.

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