Google Photos may be working on a better search filter

While the current search feature on Google Photos is already pretty good, knowing that this app and service is run by the world’s search giant means we can expect better. It seems they are working on something new that should bring us better and multiple filters. Currently, you can already search through various filters, such as names and places, but with these new filters, you will be able to narrow it down to more detailed filters, such as the type of photos / videos you are looking for.

Ever-trusted forecaster and reverse application engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about this upcoming feature that appears to be in the final stages of testing already. He posted some screenshots of what appears to be the Android Google Photos app, according to Android Police. You can see a new “Filter” button below the search field. Next to it, it seems that there are the photos of the people that may be in your Photos. There are also filters like selfies, videos, and photos in motion.

We don’t know exactly what else the filters will bring as these are just screenshots of the search field. But based on this, you will be able to search for things like selfies with a particular person or videos when you visited a particular place. But actually, according to the Android Police, you can already perform specific text searches like “selfies of me and Jake in Japan”, but probably not everyone knows these existing search parameters.

Having visible search filters that you can tap or click on is the easiest way to search Google Photos and other apps as well. Text searches are not that intuitive and especially now with a large number of devices all about swipes and taps this is a better user interface. Well, if it is something that Google will release eventually, as we know that not everything they are testing eventually becomes a stable version. However, Wong has a pretty good track record, so we may see him soon.

What we also don’t know is if it will be available to all users or if it will be exclusive to Google One users. Recently, Google has made some of the more complex editing features exclusive to subscribers only.

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