Google Pay makes it easy to shop for food, travel and understand your expenses

When Google relaunched their Google Pay app, they said they will focus more on how to help you pay and manage your finances, too. Now they offer you three new ways to help you shop for food and get the best deals, have a more convenient way to pay your transit fees (in supported cities, of course), and also understand how much you spend each month and where you spend it. This is in addition to the usual ways you have been using the mobile payment app before.

Finding the right coupons or deals can be a challenge for home grocery shoppers. Google Pay has partnered with Safeway and Target so you can easily find deals from your Google app directly. Just search for either of the two supermarket chains and tap on the View Weekly Deals section to see what deals you can get. If you’ve also turned on location in the app, it should send you notifications of deals when you’re around.

Google Pay will also add Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area to the list of locations where you can buy and use mobile transit tickets directly from the app. They are also launching an integration with Token Transit so that you can buy a transit card and when you are traveling on a train or bus, you can bring it closer to the reader without unlocking it or displaying the visual tickets for cities that do not have readers. You can also easily buy or reload a transit card.

And if you want to understand where your money is going, or at least the money you spend through Google Pay, you now have an Insights tab for that. Not only will you get a list of all the things you bought, but you will also see how much you are spending by category or by business. You can search for food, or even more particularly, chicken. Or if you want to see how much you spend at the Shake Shack each week, information like that will be easy to find.

Update your Google Pay app so you can see all these new features that will help you save money, time and peace of mind in case you want to know where your money is going. We will probably see more new features in the coming months.

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