Google offers a “Best of All Guide” microsite to help you shop.

Most of us have spent the last year or so getting used to or becoming even more dependent on online shopping. That includes not only the actual shopping process, but also research on which is the best item to buy among the many options out there. Google wants to help us narrow things down a bit with its new “Best of Everything Guide” microsite that highlights 1,000 products based on the most popular searches and options on the web right now.

The microsite seems to be a temporary thing, but at least for the next few weeks, you will be able to browse this new one. Guide to the best things for everything. The site has eight product categories ranging from technology to home and parenting. Things are organized of course according to different categories such as water filters, face masks, baby walkers, floating skateboards, for on-the-go parenting, for your home repair shop, coffee makers, etc.

Once you tap on a product that you want to explore further, you will see the usual description of the product, as well as information such as prices, reviews and where you can buy it online and also in physical stores when it is available. The products they chose to include in the guide are some of the most popular that are sought out and eventually bought. The categories are also based on what people have been searching for over the past few months.

Since there are only 1,000 products on this microsite, some of the products you are looking for may not be there. But Google has several search tools that you can use to make finding the best buy easier. On the Shopping products page, you can compare prices, read user reviews, and check product availability. For the latter, you can choose the “available nearby” filter so you can see local stores near you, as well as whether they are in stock or available for curbside pickup.

We don’t know exactly until when Guide to the best things for everything It will go up, but they said “several weeks”. So if you’re looking for items to buy that fall into those categories, you’d better check the microsite until it’s available. Or, Google may be using this as a test for a new product in the future as well. Let’s wait and see in a few weeks.

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