Google Meet Offers New Safety and Engagement Features for Educators and Students

With many schools opting for virtual or hybrid classes over face-to-face, the tools and features for the apps and services they use are quite important. Google Meet now offers new security and engagement features for educators, students, or anyone who is using its video conferencing app for educational purposes right now. They are also strengthening their connection to Google Classroom, which teachers use to help manage their classes. As we see that virtual classrooms will continue into the next year, these are important tools to have.

Google Meet already has several tools released to ensure video conferencing security on their platform, but they are adding some new tools specifically for educators. Teachers will soon have the option to end the meeting with a specific call so that students cannot stay after the teacher has left. They will also have the option to mute all students at the same time and will also control when students can unmute. Teachers will also soon be able to set up breakout rooms before their classes via Google Calendar.

Teachers using Meet on mobile devices will soon get key moderation controls too, like who can join meetings or who can chat or share their screen. New settings will also be released in the Administration Console so that schools can set policies on who can join video schools or students from other schools can join, etc. The Google Meet audit trail will also get new tools for administrators to analyze how the platform is used.

As for student features, students will soon be able to participate and express themselves with emojis. Not only that, they can choose which skin tone represents them best. Teachers and administrators can control when emojis can or cannot be used. Meet will also soon be able to perform better even with low-bandwidth connections, as not all ISPs are the same. Soon, teachers will also be able to receive meeting transcripts so they can share with students who have missed classes for one reason or another.

Google Meet will soon enjoy better synergy with Google Classroom as well. When meetings are generated from Classroom, students will have to wait for the teacher before entering. Meet will also be able to see who is on the Classroom list so that only students and teachers can join the virtual meeting. All teachers in the Classroom are automatically the meeting host, so it is best managed if there are multiple teachers. All these improvements will be implementation on Google Meet in the next few months.

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