Google may release a more affordable Pixel Buds A

Now it has been a “tradition” with Google to launch a more affordable variant of its current flagship. For example, you get the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a as an option for those who don’t want the more expensive Pixel 3 or Pixel 4. A report now says that the next truly wireless headphones Google will launch are the Pixel. Buds A. So if you follow the “a” logic, this may be a variant of the second generation Pixel Buds that were released last year.

TO 9 to 5 Google report says Google will release Pixel Buds A and it will come in two colors, white and green. Their sources say this is part of Google’s plan to expand its line of truly wireless headphones. The headphones will look almost the same with the second-gen Pixel Buds they released last year, but the way to tell them apart is with some changes to the color palette, as both colors are also available on the Pixel Buds.

The white model of the Pixel Buds A will reportedly have an all-white casing and an all-white bud design. The original white Pixel Buds have black ear cups, wings, and housing. The green Pixel Buds A will reportedly be a much darker forest green compared to the Quite Mint of last year’s truly wireless earbuds. It will also be on the inside of the charging case, as well as the olives and wings.

Since it uses Brand A, it is supposed to be a more affordable version of the Pixel Buds. So this means that they will give up some specs or features in order to create one that doesn’t cost as much. The Pixel Buds of 2020, which are actually the first truly wireless headphones Made by Google, cost $ 179, so we can expect something relatively lower than that.

The Pixel Buds A will reportedly be announced in the middle of the year, according to the recently discovered FCC list. It may be associated with the other rumored device, the Pixel 5a, and another “mystery device” that may be a new Nest camera. We will most likely find out more in the coming months and of course we will talk about it each time we get more information.

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