Home Technology News Google makes it easy to find shopping deals in Search

Google makes it easy to find shopping deals in Search

Google makes it easy to find shopping deals in Search

Google Makes It Easy To Find Shopping Deals In Search - Light Home News

Google has brought in new features that should make it easier for users to purchase or at least get direct links to buy directly from Google’s search results page. Now they are bringing more tools for online shoppers who are always looking for deals, discount / coupon codes, and basically anything that can give them the best deals for the products they are looking for. Online shoppers in the US will now find deals on the Purchases tab, especially during major retail periods.

When you search for an item on Google Search and go to the Shopping tab, you will see a new section that will show you good deals from online stores. You will see competitively priced items or those that are discounted from online retailers in the “Offers related to your search” section when you scroll down the Purchases tab of Google Search results. Just click on the items and you will be taken to the relevant online store to view the details and make your purchase if you decide to get that item.

Starting in October, you’ll also see the hottest deals from major retailers in Google Search results during peak sales times. Just search for Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday and you will see a new section where you will see the relevant offers for you. You’ll see store deals, as well as product deals, most likely from your search history (if you’ve activated it, of course). On the retail side, promotions and offers that are uploaded to Merchant Center will continue to appear in the results regardless of whether they are advertised on Google or not.

Google has also been testing the ability to buy when you’re watching a live stream on YouTube, but previously, it was only for on-demand videos. Now they are also testing it on live broadcasts. While watching a product demo or live stream of the store, you can browse and purchase featured products without interrupting your viewing. They have seen how livestream shopping is a big deal in China now and hope this can be replicated in the US as well.

Are Google search and shopping features they are currently exclusive to those in the US only. It is not yet known if they will eventually expand to other countries and territories as well.