Google launches ‘Google Lens’ service for KaiOS users in India

This service will be supported on the phone rather than Google Assistant support
This service allows the user to translate the text into their favorite language
Google Lens can be opened by pressing the center button of the phone

Tech giant Google has launched camera-based translation service ‘Google Lens’ for KaiOS users in India. Budget smartphones use the KaiOS operating system. Users will now be able to easily see and understand the translation with the help of Google Lens. According to the company, the service will support the same KaiOS phone that will support the Google Assistant support feature.

Google introduced the service at the I / O Developers Conference in 2019. After Android, KaiOS users in the country will now be able to use it. It allows the user to easily convert text to their favorite language and capture it in image format and even capture a photo of it.

Users can translate any product label, street sign, and any document and text. KaiOS users will have to press the center button of their phone to use this service.

Jiophone and Jiophone 2 users will benefit

Geophone and Geophone 2 support Google Assistant. So Geophone users will get the benefit of Google Lens service.

The service currently supports English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and Marathi languages.

The Gujarati language will also be added soon.

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