Home Technology News Google gives your search history an extra layer of protection

Google gives your search history an extra layer of protection

Google gives your search history an extra layer of protection

Google Gives Your Search History An Extra Layer Of Protection - Light Home News

While Google gives you the option of occasionally deleting your search history or not saving it at all, there are certain benefits to keeping your Web and App Activity turned on. For one, it gives you more personalized experiences around various Google apps and services. But in case you share your device with someone else, you now get another layer of protection so that no one can see all your My Activity on the shared device. You can now request additional verification to view such search activity.

This new google tool It will make sure that other people who share your computer or even your smartphone cannot see your search history whenever they want. All you have to do is request additional verification to see your activity and complete your search history. To see that, you will need to request your password or two-factor authentication. Of course, only you should have access to that information for the extra layer of protection to work.

Google is also introducing a quick delete feature that will allow you to delete the last 15 minutes of your saved search history. All it takes is a single touch of a button. However, this feature seems to only be for iOS devices at the moment. But they said it will hit the Google app later this year. In the meantime, you can enable automatic delete controls for your Web and App Activity. You can choose between 3, 18 or 36 months of automatic removal.

Google also wants to remind you that there are some tools for security and privacy controls in your account in all its services. The Privacy Check will give you a tour of your key privacy settings, while the Security Check will give you personalized recommendations to protect your data and your devices. There’s also Google Safe Browsing, which gives you notifications when you go to dangerous sites or download dangerous files.

It’s easy to overlook these tools when you do a lot of things every day. But it would be nice to set aside a few minutes a day or even a week to make sure all your devices and data using Google services are protected.