Google Discover users see older, permanent content

If you depend on your Google Discover feed to keep up with all the local and international news you need, you may have noticed something about the articles you are viewing. It is not an up-to-date news source, but more old articles that are still related to your interests and also more evergreen content. At least that’s what users say in a popular Reddit thread where people complain about the content they see on their feed.

9 to 5 Google shares that over the last week, people have come to realize that the “news” they get in the Discover feed is not really news, as it is days old or has more evergreen content. And even if you update the feed from Google’s own app, the updated news still doesn’t appear. Some say they are getting real news, but have also noticed that a lot more old content has appeared.

It’s really nothing new that Discover is showing older content like it has been doing since 2018. They provide you with content that may not be new “but is new to you.” This includes articles, videos, longer content, reviews, guides, explanations, lists that Google determines you can enjoy based on your preferences, and previous content consumed on Google. But what may be surprising is that this older content is what you watch the most rather than up-to-date news.

The fact that people are complaining about not being able to see real news can be an indication that people are actually using Discover to keep up with current events and their interests. We do not know if this new feed that we are seeing is just a mistake on the part of Google or if they are really experimenting with what appears in the users’ feed. If it is the latter, they may want to rethink their strategy, as people are not happy.

There is also the possibility that Google will introduce a new product or feature on Discover that will show you real news. But we don’t see any signs of such a product and so if that’s what you’re looking for, you may have to rely on other apps or platforms to get your news.

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