Google delays plans for PWAs to provide an offline experience

Google has made consistent progress on the Progressive Web Application (PWA) criteria. To that end, he had plans to update the PWA installation criteria so that the offline experience can be better. According to Google, based on developer feedback, it is putting plans on hold for now. This means that Chrome’s definitive plan to enforce Progressive Web Applications (PWA) has been on hold for an uncertain future.

Progressive web applications have certain advantages over the normal website. One of the main ones is that once installed, applications have the ability to work offline.

Earlier this year, Google had announced the plan for PWAs to work more properly when offline, now it turns out that the search engine giant has recognized some issues and wants to discontinue the plan from now on. In reality, the plan was for PWAs to work without the need to offer any offline functionality.

But since the plan has been canceled, there may still be time before PWAs are really what Google intended. Some apps like Twitter and Stadia work effortlessly when offline, but developers who rely on in-app ads may want the ads to work in offline mode, which is not possible at this time.

What did you say, Google call Progressive web app offline support detection enhancement does not have a defined date. Which means that there is uncertainty as to when the plan will be reintroduced, but Google will constantly encourage developers to take simple offline PWAs of their web applications.

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