Google Assistant adds more features to make your life easier

If you are used to using the Google Assistant to automate some tasks and also to perform some of those tasks hands-free. Google, of course, keeps adding new features to its digital assistant that can help make users’ lives a little more convenient. The latest batch of new features includes Find my phone commands for iPhones, helping you to order online more easily, sunrise / sunset routines, and more routines in general. Also, since the Oscars are only a few days away, you can also ask the Google Assistant any questions related to the Oscars.

One of the most popular commands for the Google Assistant is “Ok Google, find my phone”, which shows that many people easily lose their smartphones at home. Now if you keep losing your iPhone too, you can also use this command to find it through your connected smart speaker or smart display. Therefore, Android and iOS devices can be found through a notification or a custom ringtone, even if it is in silent or Do not disturb mode.

Since restaurant delivery and pickup is much more popular now, many businesses have added the order button to their Search and Maps business profiles. The Google Assistant can now help you complete your order through Duplex on the web. Find a restaurant and then tap to order online and then pay. If it is a restaurant associated with Google, the Google Assistant will automatically fill in all the contact and payment information, if you have synchronized it with Google Autofill and Google Pay. They are partnering with several restaurant chains in the US at launch.

The sunrise and sunset routines are now available worldwide, so you can set routines based on the time of day, such as turning on the lights and sprinklers at dusk. Speaking of routines, since there are so many, there is now a dedicated section on Out-of-the-box Routines that highlights and suggests a few specific ones that you can use. You can even add a shortcut icon for your favorite or most used workouts on your Android home screen.

Lastly, you can ask the Google Assistant for anything related to the Oscars, from when it will air to which are the favorites to win and who is best dressed during the ceremony that takes place later this month. All these new features They are now available in your Google Assistant, although some are location-based.

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