Google acquires Dysonics, likely for future Pixel and AR products

There are some acquisitions that are announced through press releases and blog posts, and there are some that are done quietly without fanfare. Well, apparently this new Google acquisition is the latest. They have “quietly acquired” a 3D audio startup company called Dysonics sometime this past December. While there has been no confirmation from Google yet, some of the Dysonics staff have joined the company in recent months and Google is also reportedly taking over some of the startup’s intellectual property such as patents and other things that they can be used in future projects and products. .

Informed protocol about this acquisition they saw in a recent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office Since there has been no response from Google yet, there are no details yet on the terms of this deal. Dysonics revealed last year that they were able to raise funds from Intel Capital and other investors, but did not reveal how much it was. There is no indication if Google was part of that funding round or if it is something else entirely.

Dysonics is a branch of the UC Davis technology incubator and actually employs less than 10 people. Some of their products include a headphone motion tracker that can add spatial awareness to some portable audio devices, and they partnered with Virgin America to bring surround sound to their inflight entertainment system. The startup was also able to develop 3D audio authoring software for VR content creators.

At this time, it is still unknown why Google would acquire this startup, but it is very likely that it could be used for future functions of the next Pixel Buds, specifically adding spatial audio that Apple already has for its Airpods Pro and Max wearables. It can also be used for Nest speaker audio functions and can even be used to feed audio for Google AR hardware. All of this will be interesting if it is proven to be true.

Dysonics co-founder and CTO Robert Dalton Jr has changed his LinkedIn profile to work at Google, so this may be the confirmation we need. Well, of course, we will wait for an official announcement from one or both companies if they eventually make it.

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