Gmail now implements chat tabs for free personal accounts

If you find it strange that your Gmail account only has two tabs on your mobile device, for your email and your Meet video calls, now you will finally get two additional tabs to make it a full house, so to speak. Google is beginning to implement the integration of the Chat and Rooms tab in the Gmail application so that you can have an “integrated workspace”. This is also available for your Gmail account on desktop devices, and Enterprise Workspace users could previously enable this integration as well, if their administrators have enabled it.

Once you have enabled the chat feature in your Gmail app, you will now see four tabs at the bottom of your screen. Mail is, of course, the main function of the application, but the other three ensure that you don’t need to switch between the other applications that you will need for work or for your personal needs. Meet was something Google added last year when video conferencing was on everyone’s mind amid the pandemic.

Now you will get two new tabs in your Gmail application and in your web version. Chat is where you can send messages to individuals and small groups, while Rooms is where you can access group chats or larger holdings and can share files, tasks, and other things necessary for a project. Tapping a chat opens a conversation in the lower right corner, while the rooms are open in full screen and it will also replace the default list of messages.

9 to 5 Google shares You will have to enable the “Early Access” of the chat to each of your accounts and each of your devices to be able to see the new tabs. Go to your Gmail application settings and then choose your account. In the general section, select Chat “Early Access” and then “Try it”. Your app needs to be restarted with a tutorial and message to turn off notifications from your standalone Google chat app, if you have one.

In terms of functionalities, it is basically the same as that of the independent Google Chat application. There may also be upcoming features, such as the ability to have picture-in-picture Meet calls within the Gmail app itself. If you are a Workspace user, your administrator must enable this feature for your organization.

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