Home Technology News Gboard’s clipboard now offers even better suggestions

Gboard’s clipboard now offers even better suggestions

Gboard's clipboard now offers even better suggestions

Gboard'S Clipboard Now Offers Even Better Suggestions - Light Home News

When you use your mobile device a lot for work or personal projects, auto-complete tips are very important. The Gboard virtual keyboard app is one of the best when it comes to that, with its clipboard and pretty clever suggestions. And now it looks like it’s gotten even better, suggesting snippets of important information that you may have copied to your clipboard that you would need to paste elsewhere. This may be a small change, but it is useful for people who work on their phones or tablets.

If you haven’t used Gboard yet, it’s Google’s official virtual keyboard that actually has a lot of useful features besides being just a keyboard. One of its best features is the clipboard which stores the snippets of text you recently copied and even the photos you just saved and offers to paste it somewhere. As we said, this is really useful for times when you are working from your mobile device and doing a lot of copy and paste.

Android Police Detected Improved clipboard suggestions for Gboard. There are times when you copy a long message because the font does not allow you to choose a specific text, so you have to thoroughly remove the parts that you do not need. Gboard’s clipboard will now not only give you the full text, but also pulls important parts of that long text and suggests them as separate chips. This can include an address, a phone number, or a link.

This also works for times, dates, and even random numbers. Correctly formatted times are recognized as actual times, but if you just mention something like “let’s meet at 11” it will also suggest the number 11 as a chip but without the icon. The convenience of these tip chips cannot be stressed enough, especially for those who need to get to work quickly on their phones. So if you’re not using Gboard yet, this may be the time to give it a try.

You need to enable suggestions in your phone settings for things like this to appear. Go to Settings> Clipboard> Show recently copied text and images in the suggestion bar to enable it.