Garmin Enduro GPS fitness watch out with solar charging function

Garmin Enduro GPS multisport watch

Garmin started the year with Garmin Lily. It is a smart watch designed for women. It has the potential to be another best-seller, but it may be overshadowed by the Garmin Enduro. The latter is best for serious athletes who want to improve their endurance while trying to go further and faster. It is a new multisport GPS watch that comes with a long battery life and features a durable and lightweight design. The portable device offers more advanced training functions as well as power management modes that can be easily customized.

the Garmin Enduro it doesn’t rely much on the battery to last long. It actually features a Power Glass solar charging lens that can make the watch last up to 65 days or about two months. For runners and athletes, take advantage of performance monitoring tools and training features to help you train and perform.

This ultra-performance Garmin Enduro GPS watch is described as “built to last”. It is not only for runners but also for cyclists who have wanted to have the “Confidence that your watch has as much energy as they do.”

The Garmin Enduro GPS Watch Advantage

Garmin Vice President of Worldwide Sales Dan Bartel said: “And with Enduro on the wrist, high-performance athletes can focus on competition rather than battery life.” The fitness watch can even be extended up to 80 hours with the solar charge function. It can last up to 70 hours in GPS mode.

Garmin Enduro GPS Multisport Watch Launch

Next-level training features include VO2 Max to track cardiovascular fitness levels, ClimbPro for real-time details on current and future climbs, rest timer, mountain biking, recovery, and recommended workouts. The Garmin Enduro is not cheap. It costs $ 799.99 for the Steel with gray UltraFit nylon strap version. The other model, Garmin Enduro in Charcoal Gray DLC Titanium with Black UltraFit Nylon Strap, it costs $ 899.00.

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