Galaxy Wearable hints at upcoming Galaxy Buds2

If you’re already confused by the many Samsung Galaxy Buds currently on the market, there may be a new one to add to the already packed series. It seems that the latest update to the Galaxy Wearable app shows that we will see a new device, probably the Galaxy Buds2. The code reveals some references to the upcoming earbuds, although not much new information about it can be seen in the latest Galaxy Wearable APK.

The Galaxy Wearable app is where all the, well, wearables are updated and managed. So every time a new device is released, Samsung will add support for that wearable device within the app. So sometimes those who are looking closely at all the code with the latest update will be able to see traces of devices that have yet to be announced. Of course, it is not a guarantee that all information is finalized, but most of the time, it is reliable.

The people of Android Police We were able to find references to the Galaxy Buds2, codenamed “berry.” The APK teardown indicates that you will be able to connect to multiple devices and not just a couple of devices as with the current line of truly wireless headphones. But aside from that information, there doesn’t seem to be any other indications as far as features, specs, or other details about it, so we’ll have to wait for other leaks later.

They were also able to confirm that this will be a new and distinct product and not an updated variant of an existing Galaxy Buds. It will most likely replace the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus in the truly wireless headphone line. However, owning a Galaxy Buds2 will not make it easier to remember, but they are highly unlikely to give it a more distinct name and they will most likely follow the line when it comes to names.

We’ll probably hear more about the Galaxy Buds2 from other sources or maybe even another Galaxy Wearable update soon. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else soon, especially if you plan to get a new pair of truly wireless headphones in the next few months.

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