Galaxy Watch Active 2, Watch 3, Get ECG, Blood Pressure Support in 31 Markets

If you bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3, you’ve probably been using it for a lot of functionalities, like health and fitness tracking and regular smartwatch functions. But the Korean OEM also previously announced that it can be used to monitor blood pressure and ECG measurement, but those functions are not widely available yet. Now, the owners of the two smartwatches will finally get support for those two health metrics in 31 markets.

According to SAM Mobile, the two features are now officially available for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3 if you live in one of the 31 countries where blood pressure measurement and ECG are now supported. You will need to download the Samsung Health Monitor app in order to measure those two on your wearable device. And in order to download it, you will need to update your device software.

For blood pressure monitoring, you will have to calibrate your smartwatch with a dedicated external blood pressure monitor. You will need to measure your blood pressure with that monitor and your smartwatch three times each and enter the values ​​into your Samsung Health Monitor app. You can also enter the values ​​without using a blood pressure monitor, but that will make the results inaccurate as a calibration is needed for better accuracy.

Although the smartwatch software previously supported ECG and blood pressure monitoring, it took a long time to implement support as there were some regulatory hurdles per country. But if you live in one of the 31 countries where they have been approved, then you will actually be able to use these features at least within the month the update has continued to roll out.

The list of countries is as follows:

1. Austria,
2. Belgium,
3. Bulgaria,
4. Chile,
5. Croatia,
6. Czech Republic,
7. Denmark,
8. Estonia,
9. Finland,
10. France,
11. Germany,
12. Greece,
13. Hungary,
14. Iceland,
15. Indonesia,
16. Ireland,
17. Italy,
18. Latvia,
19. Lithuania,
20. the Netherlands,
21. Norway,
22. Poland,
23. Portugal,
24. Romania,
25. Slovakia,
26. Slovenia,
27. Spain,
28. Sweden,
29. Switzerland,
30. the United Arab Emirates,
31. and United Kingdom.

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