Galaxy S21 Ultra for an innovative telephoto zoom camera

The flagship Galaxy S21 series is just one step away from launch (to be announced tomorrow) and trusted whistleblower Ice Universe has some breaking news. The top-end phone, probably the S21 Ultra, will come with the most advanced optical zoom camera you can buy in a smartphone. According to previous leaks, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will feature a dual telephoto setup, one with a 3x zoom and a 10x zoom.

According Ice universeOne of these lenses capable of 10x zoom levels has niche telescope lens hardware that minimizes noise. When a normal telephoto setup has to go through refraction five times, the lens on the Galaxy S21 cuts it down to just two.

Fewer refractions retain the resulting image quality, as there are negligible losses in detail. It would be safe to say that the Galaxy S21 could bring a winning telephoto setup thanks to this new innovation, one that has never been seen in the smartphone field before.

The 10MP lens in question will have an f / 4.9 aperture, OIS, and a 240mm periscope telephoto zoom that will actually be comparable to the zoom levels of a mid-range DSLR. This sensor will come with 1.22 µm pixels and dual-pixel autofocus, resulting in bright, clear photos.

The performance of the camera settings will only be known once it reaches the hands of professional reviewers, as it is one thing to have fancy hardware and another to implement it to do the required magic. With the Snapdragon 888 on board, it is speculated that the Galaxy S21 will take advantage of the hardware capabilities and advanced image processing artificial intelligence in the chipset.

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