Galaxy S21 outsells its predecessor in the first six weeks of launch

2020 was not the best year for smartphone sales and the Samsung Galaxy S20 series had to bear the brunt along with other phones from various OEMs. This year, the Koreans launched the new flagship Galaxy S21 series in hopes of better results, and it has succeeded. According to a report from the US Weekly Smartphone Sales Tracker, sales of the Galaxy S21 series in the US have exceeded last year’s flagship series sales in the first six months of its launch.

For him Counterpoint Research Report, the Galaxy S21 series has outsold the Galaxy S20 phones by twice the margin in its first six weeks of launch. The report highlights two main factors behind this increase in sales performance.

The key to the success of the Galaxy S21 is its significantly lower price of $ 799 and the support of US network operators, along with the hampered sales results of the Galaxy S20 series due to COVID-19 last year, it notes. The report. The increase in sales volume is also attributed to the change in the model mix, with almost a third of sales coming from the base model of the S21 series.

Commercial offers along with reducing costs are also considered a contributing factor in increasing sales figures. Interestingly, of Samsung’s total sales in February this year, the Galaxy S21 series accounted for almost half that number.

Initially, it was believed that the Galaxy S21’s plastic body and the absence of a charging adapter in the box could be two consumer deterrents. The Counterpoint Research report states that the plastic body has been well accepted by most users because it provides a better grip on the device. Even the counter-cut camera module has been a huge crowd draw compared to the protruding bulge on the Galaxy S20.

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