Galaxy Note 20 in Mystic Red, Galaxy Z Flip 5G Ready in White

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Red Galaxy Z Flip 5G Mystic White

If you’ve been looking at the Galaxy Note 20 or the Galaxy Z Flip, now is the perfect time. The holiday shopping season has started for many brands. Samsung offers the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G in red and white color variants. They may be ready for Christmas, but they aren’t exactly new shades, but they are offered as limited edition colors. Mystic Red and Mystic White now join the other Mystic colors previously introduced by Samsung.

Interestingly, the limited edition shades of 5G phones are offered at the same price as other colors. We’re not sure how many Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Flip smartphones the South Korean tech giant has already sold, but they are Samsung’s latest flagship devices.

Samsung says the red and white versions of the two phones are rare. They are special but not really new. What we like the most are the other Samsung offerings that come with the phone. There’s still that $ 150 instant rebate when you buy a Galaxy Note 20. If you trade in your old but eligible smartphone for a Galaxy Z Flip 5G, you can get up to $ 1,000 in savings or a $ 550 value for the Galaxy Note 20. You can also receive a $ 100 electronic certificate.

Samsung did not add or update any features. They are the same Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G that we know about in recent months. The Galaxy Note 20 comes with the same great display but with a refresh rate of just 60Hz, great cameras, and of course the exclusive S Pen. It does not yet offer memory expansion.

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5G is a slightly improved version of the Galaxy Z Flip unveiled earlier this year. Basically 5G connectivity was added to the foldable foldable Android phone. The Snapdragon 855 was also replaced by the newer Snapdragon 865 Plus.

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