Home Technology News Galaxy Buds2 will supposedly have ANC after all

Galaxy Buds2 will supposedly have ANC after all

Galaxy Buds2 will supposedly have ANC after all

Galaxy Buds2 Will Supposedly Have Anc After All - Light Home News

Early reports on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds2 initially said that it will not have the popular Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature. But a new post from a well-known leaker has provided “evidence” that the Korean OEM’s new truly wireless headphones will actually have it. Of course, we’ll only be able to confirm this piece once they make the official announcement, but there’s at least hope that ANC will be there for those looking to get their hands on the Galaxy Buds2 when it finally hits the market.

Well-known insider Ice Universe tweeted a screenshot that “reveals” that the Galaxy Buds2 will have ANC. The noise controls setup shows three levels: ambient sound on the far right, off in the middle, and then the beloved active noise cancellation on the left. Currently only Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live have it, while Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds + only have to rely on passive noise suppression.

Previously leaked details about the Galaxy Buds2 also include passive noise suppression, silicone ear pads, and the ambient sound mode that pairs well with those earbuds. This time, EV Leaks also leaked a matchmaking video. It will also supposedly have better bass as the bass output from the original Buds was not that great, according to GSM Arena. Since then it has improved with the Galaxy Buds + and of course the levels were excellent with the Galaxy Buds Pro. But we cannot expect the Buds2 to match that.

Since the Galaxy Buds2 are reported to cost around $ 150- $ 170, which is almost on par with the Galaxy Buds Pro, it should have better specs than the others or at least on par with the Buds Pro. So , having ANC isn’t that far-fetched actually, as we know having that feature will add to the value of truly wireless headphones. As for what other features we will get, we just have to wait for more leaks and rumors until the official launch.

It seems that the official date of the Samsung Unpacked event is August 11, although it is still just rumors. They are expected to be featured during that event, in addition to the Galaxy Buds2, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the Galaxy Watch 4.