Selpic S1 Portable Printer Inkjet Printing With Waterproof Ink

This pocket printer will come in handy for office work ranging from children’s study notes; Can also be printed on paper, cloth, glass, and wood

This printer comes with a small cartridge attached, which is one of the colors Red, Blue, Black.
The printer can print 900 pages of A4 size with 5% ink coverage
This printer also supports text and emoji

Many times the thought will come to your mind that you print something. Beautiful design on a cup or your name on wood etc. Many times you may have thought that you print on your t-shirt, bag, but for lack of a suitable printer for it, you may have had to hit your mind many times. Now you can easily print while sitting at home with the help of the Selpic S1 Handy Printer.

Handy printer

You can also call this printer a portable or pocket printer. This printer works just like a normal printer. You have to hold this printer in your hand and print it on the surface.

Color variants and prices of handy printers

This is how the printer works

This printer has a small cartridge attachment, which can be red, black, and blue. Most people use black cartridges. Inside the printer is a 1200mAh rechargeable battery. It works 6 hours in full charge. This printer can be used using the Selpic handy printer app. The app can be connected to Bluetooth after it is installed on the phone. Can be printed by giving a command from a smartphone.

A cartridge attached to the printer contains 40ml ink. According to the company, 900 pages of A4 size can be printed with 5% ink coverage. The special thing about this printer is that its ink dries instantly with printing. The company claims that the ink is waterproof.

Features of the printer

The app supports advanced features. You can give your text any style and even emoji can be printed. QR codes can also be generated. A preview can also be seen in the app before the final printing.

Making notes will help

The children are currently studying online. Using a printer can help you prepare notes. Office notes can also be prepared.

Can be printed on all types of surfaces

What is special about this printer is that it supports all surfaces including paper, leather, cloth, wooden, and acrylic.

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