Fossil Gen 5 Wear OS H-MR2 update keeps causing issues

Fossil Gen 5 Wear OS Update May 2021

The Fossil Gen 5 is perhaps one of the brand’s most popular smartwatch offerings. The touchscreen watch was announced in August 2019. It quickly received software updates to improve a host of wellness features and functions, including a quick-access phone tile and better health tracking. An LTE variant was also introduced. The last we heard about the product was that Fossil paused the H-MR2 release for Gen 5 Wear OS watches. Apparently the same update keeps crashing on multiple watches.

It is not known how many units have been affected, but many Fossil Gen 5 owners are reporting the failure. It was suggested to do a factory reset, but that didn’t fix the issues either. This H-MR2 Wear OS update unfolded, paused, and then resumed once more. But the update still brings problems.

It’s not just the Fossil Gen 5 that is affected. Emporio Armani smartwatches are also said to have the same problem as our fountain. Emporio Armani wearables also belong to the Fossil Group.

Watches with Wear OS technology are considered powerful and ready for various tasks. The latest update would have benefited many users. Its aim is to offer improvements and enhancements. It could improve battery life and allow the watch to add more tiles.

It is not yet clear why this is happening, but the security patch and update are still troublesome for some unit owners. Fossil has not officially made a statement or released an official fix.

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