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Monday, August 15, 2022

Flipkart starts selling Infinity scooter on its website, may add more EVs to list

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Flipkart has also started selling scooters through its platform, which is quite huge and you might not expect it. Bounce has launched its latest Infinity E1 electric scooter and interested buyers can order through Flipkart. The scooter is listed on the e-commerce site with a starting price of Rs 70,499.

There is also a flat rate discount of Rs 5,000 on prepaid transactions, which basically means that customers will be able to purchase the scooter at an effective price of Rs 65,499. Flipkart’s listing indicates that users will have to pay an additional amount to the dealership as well as for the charger.

There are basically insurance, registration and handling fees, so you will have to spend an additional Rs 7,601 as well as Rs 9,999 for the charger. Thus, the total cost will be Rs 83,099 if you take advantage of the prepaid transaction offer. If you choose not to make an offer, the amount will be Rs 5,000 higher. The company also offers a 3-year warranty for the scooter.

Flipkart currently does not have a wide range of scooters, and it only shows results for Bounce Infinity scooters. But, you never know, we might see more options from other companies in the near future.

However, the new electric scooter is not available to order across India and it is only delivered to certain locations. These include New Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Telangana, according to a report by CarandBike.com.

Once you place an order for the Infinity scooter on Flipkart, you will receive a call from the nearest authorized dealer who handles registration, insurance, and delivery, among other things. Bounce says that once the order is successfully placed through Flipkart, it will be delivered to customers within 15 days of the deadline. Users can also cancel the order and get a full refund as per the Flipkart listing.

Commenting on the new marketing move, Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO and Co-Founder of Bounce, said, “We strongly believe that the distribution of electric scooters will be an omnichannel game and that e-commerce will play a crucial role in its geographical expansion and the customer delight. . We are excited to make our products available on Flipkart as we find synergies in our vision to meet changing customer requirements seamlessly.

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