Fitbit is reportedly looking for a more affordable subscription plan

One of the reasons Google acquired Fitbit is not just because of its hardware, but also because of the software that comes with its smartwatches and activity trackers. However, users only have two options: use the free version or subscribe to Fitbit Premium for $ 9.99 a month to access much more data and options to manage their health and fitness information. But after the confirmation of their acquisition, it seems that they are also looking for a third option, more affordable but slightly better than the free one.

9 to 5 Google shares that Fitbit is conducting a survey asking users to review whether they would be interested in a “possible new service offering.” This novelty turns out to be a new Fitbit subscription tier that would be more affordable, but will also have slightly more features than the free tier. However, compared to the Premium plan, it does not offer as much as it is almost a quarter of the price.

What the plan offers is additional historical data than what you already get from the free tier. You can see your activity, sleep, stress and health metrics “forever” with unlimited historical data. The free plan only allows you to view 30 days of data or even just 7 days of some of the available metrics. That seems to be the only thing mentioned about this new planned subscription level, but that doesn’t mean it will be the only offering.

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit came with several controversies, including concerns that Google will take advantage of Fitbit user data. The tech giant had to make a compromise that they won’t use any of the data to sell targeted ads. One way they will likely monetize is by attracting more subscriptions. The $ 9.99 a month may be too high for some, so having a cheaper option may encourage free tier users to switch to a paid subscription.

Since this is still in an exploratory stage, we cannot expect an announcement from Fitbit anytime soon. So for now, you’ll have to choose between Free and Premium, although some of the Premium features have been made available to free users as well.

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