Feature Article: Enjoy Home Mercedes and Celebration in this Festive Season

Although the lockdown has caused many problems, the upcoming festive season is bringing a happy and positive start to the public. The tradition of celebrating festivals and celebrations in India has been going on for years. Celebration is celebrated not alone but with family and this is the time when you meet family and friends, enjoy delicious dishes and sweet memories with them. Also, you will not need to get rid of the clutter until after the festival.

Due to the global epidemic, people have been forced to remain imprisoned in their homes for several months, so this festive season will bring happiness in people’s lives. The ensuing festivals have certainly dampened the mood and a wave of joy and excitement has swept around. The most important thing is that the festival season in India is considered auspicious. Whether it is a new business or a new purchase, people are eagerly waiting for important decisions during the festive season. With this enthusiasm Mercedes-Benz is giving enough reason to bring a ray of hope with an innovative hope and enjoy life.

As the nation has unlocked, the festival season will only provide more ways to unlock new aspirations, desires and experiences. To make the occasion more exciting, India’s largest luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, is launching the Unlock Festival with the unlocked Mercedes-Benz. Which engages with the spirit of the customers and motivates them to make the holiday season more exciting.

Unlock your mercedes benz with unlock function
Mercedes-Benz has been a dream car for many people. Over the years she has managed to win the trust and love of many Indians with her electric model. Which gives high marks to status, luxury, utility and practicality. This is the reason why the Mercedes-Benz model is still known today as the best celebration gift for his or her loved ones.

“Customers are at the heart of our operations and we strive to listen to their wishes and aspirations and keep them happy with our product and brand offerings,” said Martin Schwenk, MD and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India. As the market opens slowly with the start of the festive season, this is also the time when consumers want to celebrate and we hope that it will affect the market sentiment.

Customers can take advantage of these offers during the festive season:
Attractive emi
With carefully planned finances, you can not only take your favorite Mercedes in the most attractive and zero-cost EMI this festive season, but you can also buy this car in just three years. Mercedes-Benz has offered a reasonable EMI offer at an attractive ROI of 7.99% over its three classic variants.

E-Class: EMI starts at 49,999 @ 7.99 ROI (Photo: E-Class)
E-Class: EMI starts at 49,999 @ 7.99 ROI (Photo: E-Class)
C-Class: EMI starts at 39,999 @ 7.99 ROI (Photo: C-Class)
C-Class: EMI starts at 39,999 @ 7.99 ROI (Photo: C-Class)
GLC: EMI 44,444 starts at 7.99 ROI (Photo: GLC)
GLC: EMI 44,444 starts at 7.99 ROI (Photo: GLC)

Supplemental Insurance = Fixed Savings
Mercedes-Benz is also offering complimentary insurance for 1 year from the date of purchase. Thus, as always, it fulfills its promise to provide security and value to its customers. Double happiness with 2 times savings.

Personalized Proprietary Solutions
Mercedes-Benz currently offers the best ownership agreement with Mercedes-Benz Financial. Personal ownership solutions come with flexible financial solutions. Mercedes Benz with good features along with a variety of offers really helps you unlock the joy of the festive season.

24X7 Connected Security Features for Customers
Apart from the shopping offering during this festive season, Mercedes Benz is also known for its prominent features. Which assures a dream ride without difficulty. Safety in this unlock stage is one of the most important criteria for buying a car.

Technology and innovation
With features like Electric Mobility, Mercedes Benz Intelligent Drive Assistant System, Mercedes Me Connect and The MBUX Multimedia System, it is one of the smartest / smartest cars you will ever have at any given time.

There is no compromise between comfort and safety
All Mercedes-Benz cars provide the most convenience to the people. Comfort is a kind of security, which is easily available with the help of technology inside these cars. The brand offers features like ABS + with ABS and scented suspension for which these cars have to undergo tough tests.

Breakdown Management: The Road Assistant provides assistance for tracking, towing and repairing the required location immediately after pressing the button.

Emergency Call Services: The Emergency Response Center can be accessed manually or with the press of a button or automatically during an accident. In both cases vehicle data i.e. location, direction of travel and number of passengers, etc. are transferred, which allows the Response Center agents to perform the task quickly and as needed.

Information call and call me service: The Mercedes-Benz Customer Support Center is as far away as a button touch in the four iCall and wrench buttons, enabling the driver to navigate to the appropriate call center. Whether it is roadside assistance or MMC support.

These safety features make you believe that Mercedes is the next safest place after your home, giving you the same luxury, safety and technology as before. Mercedes-Benz doubles the joy of the festive season with its offerings and features. So what are you waiting for, make Mercedes-Benz your partner to drive the luxury car of your dreams and enjoy a new journey and celebrate this festive season and unlock with Mercedes-Benz.