Facebook is reportedly working on a clubhouse-like product

It’s no big secret that whenever something big or viral happens with a competitor, Facebook will either acquire the company or create something similar. One of the most popular new applications today is Clubhouse, a social network found in audio chat rooms. And while Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg appeared on the app last week, he appears to have instructed teams to come up with something that can clone and rival the new upstart.

If you’re unfamiliar with Clubhouse, it’s a social media app, but instead of text, photos, or videos, people communicate through audio chat rooms. It is still in beta and is invitation only for iOS devices. Users create rooms where they discuss various topics, sometimes with just a few guests, but sometimes, thousands of people are listening or participating. the New York Times refers to it as a CB radio and an ’80s era party line hybrid.

Because it has become quite popular, especially in Silicon Valley, Facebook executives are now instructing teams to create something similar to Clubhouse. They are still in the early stages of development, but given Zuckerberg’s interest in forms of audio communication, these reports may have some truth. . And whatever the younger audience cares about, trust that Facebook will want to have something like that.

The social media giant has a history of buying from small startups like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus. Or if they don’t buy a company, they’ll clone a popular app feature. Instagram Stories were inspired by Snapchat Snaps and now they are also introducing and promoting Reels, which is quite similar to TikTok. And since Zoom was the pandemic app, we now have Facebook Rooms for group video chat.

Facebook has a team experimenting with new products, but we haven’t heard anything yet if they are the ones working on the Clubhouse-like product. And since it’s still early, we won’t get much detail for now. Let’s expect more leaks and rumors as the project progresses.

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