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Facebook Groups now lets you choose “Group Experts”

Facebook Groups now lets you choose

Facebook Groups Now Lets You Choose &Quot;Group Experts&Quot; - Light Home News

You probably join Facebook Groups not only to entertain yourself with memes, but also to gain insight into your different interests. Facebook now introduces a new feature that can identify who in your groups are truly experts in their respective fields. Administrators can now designate “Group Experts” in their groups, with a badge next to their name as proof that they really know a specific topic / topic. Facebook is also pushing these “experts” to find and nurture communities through groups.

Administrators of Facebook groups can now choose who they want to appoint as group experts so that they can play a more meaningful role as expert guides in their field. Members can see the special badge to be added next to their username in posts, comments, etc. from the expert. Administrators can also collaborate with the expert on hosting questions and answers, live audio rooms, discussions, etc. mobile versions of the main application.

Facebook is also allowing experts to identify in which topics they want to be recognized as experts. They are starting with groups that focus on fitness and games. Admins can then search for specific topics and see who the relevant people are that they may want to join their group if they are not already members. Meanwhile, experts can send automatic invitations to page followers to join the groups they have created. In this way, they can engage and nurture their own communities and perhaps join other communities as well.

Facebook Groups Now Lets You Choose &Quot;Group Experts&Quot; - Light Home News

Beyond posts and comments, Facebook recommends other tools that you can use in communities. When people post something that sounds like a question, it becomes a format that encourages people to share information, advice, and their experience. You can also create live audio rooms later when you hit Groups this summer. And, of course, groups can organize question and answer sessions within communities.

Hopefully, Facebook will also make sure that scammers and trolls can be easily removed by posing as experts, which, of course, some will. Members can report such content to group administrators and they will have the responsibility to choose Group experts wisely.