Facebook Gets the Spotify Mini-Player Inside the App

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Last week, we told you about Facebook’s plan to integrate Spotify into the new “Boombox Project.” Spotify has been working on a lot of things, including Spotify Car Thing, in-app “Hey Spotify” voice command, and wake-up word for hands-free listening. Those are only announced in May. This week, we’re learning about Spotify on the Facebook app that now lets you discover, explore, and share music and podcasts. Spotify is still one of the most popular audio streaming services in the world, but it has several rivals.

Spotify has recently partnered with Facebook to share even more valuable content. With Facebook, you can easily discover new songs or podcasts with a new mini player available within the application. This experience allows you to check what your Facebook friends are listening to so that you can enjoy them too.

No need to switch between Facebook and Spotify as you can view Spotify content within the Facebook app. However, this feature is only available to Spotify Premium subscribers. All content shared by your contacts, you can enjoy full playback from Spotify that is within Facebook. More good news, this change is ready for Android and iOS users. Those Spotify Free users can listen to them too but still with ads.

You can see more Spotify content and tips on your Facebook feed with the mini player. You are also free to share the content you listen to. When you see a Spotify post on your Facebook news feed, just hit the ‘Play’ button on the song. You will need to give your consent for Facebook to be able to ‘Connect’ to Spotify.

Spotify It will keep playing in the background even while scrolling down your Facebook feed. You still have full control of the mini player. Music brings family and friends together, so we have no doubt that this new feature will keep more people closer even in this season when we are all socially separated. Expect this feature to be available in key markets like the US, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, and New Zealand, among others.

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