Facebook announces new products focused on audio

We all know and notice that Facebook has been pushing a lot for video content in recent years, especially with Facebook Watch. But the world of social media seems to be in love lately with the most accessible form of content: audio. So it’s not at all surprising that Facebook is giving audio-centric products a big push on its platform. They just made a major announcement for this and it includes information on two new features: Soundbites and Audio Rooms, plus the arrival of podcasts and more audio creation tools.

Facebook says they are investing into several new audio creation tools so you can have a “sound studio in your pocket.” This will include things like the ability to send a GIF-like sound clip as reactions to a post or message to larger tools like creating background audio for your Stories, the ability to mix audio tracks, sound effects, voice effects. , filters, etc. They are investing in things like speech to text, speech transformation, and of course artificial intelligence technology.

The first new product that is the result of this is called Soundbites. This new social audio format will allow users to create short-form audio clips such as a joke, poem, anecdote, inspirational quotes, and other content that is best served through the audio format. They are now testing it with a small group of content creators and they will experience the most creative ways to be able to create this type of content and how it will appeal to the Facebook audience. They plan to make it available to users in the coming months.

The other novelty is something we’ve heard about before: Live Audio Rooms on Messenger and Facebook. Anyone familiar with today’s beloved Clubhouse will find this concept familiar. It will allow groups and rooms to create and participate in live audio sessions. They are testing it now with specific groups, but they hope to release it to everyone this summer. They also plan to launch Live Audio Rooms on Messenger later.

Finally, podcasts are also coming to Facebook soon. Of course, there are plenty of podcast pages on the platform already, but soon you won’t have to leave Facebook to listen to the actual podcasts. You can listen to them while using the app or even when the app is in the background. They will also be suggesting podcasts based on your interests and listening history. You will be able to listen to podcasts on Facebook in the coming months, probably at the same time as Soundbites.

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