Facebook adds new security tools for Messenger users

If you are still using Facebook apps even after all the issues and controversies about it, you probably need to beef up its privacy and security features if you don’t plan on leaving soon. To celebrate Safer Internet Day, they have added new security tools and control options to their Messenger app so users can easily manage things like who can contact them in the app, report spam, and check accounts they has already. previously locked.

Messenger already has several control and privacy options that users may or may not know about. This is why Facebook is taking the time to remind us what we can do to protect ourselves in the Messenger app. It has things like security advisories, App lock to protect the app when someone else takes over our device, privacy settings, forwarding limit to avoid spam messages, and other things you can check.

But now we are also getting new features to improve security. Now you will get more secure Message Requests as you will get context on who is sending the request so you can send you a message, bulk delete options in case you get a sudden flood of message requests, and blurry pictures or videos to avoid seeing what I do not want to see. The delete and block options are now more prominent in the request thread as well.

Messenger also offers Enhanced Reports to make it easier to report things like abusive messages and harassment from unwanted people. They have also improved feedback on the status of messages that you have already reported. Lastly, you can now easily review the accounts that you have already blocked as Facebook provides more transparency in privacy settings. They will also add tools to protect younger users, such as using behavioral cues and deleting potentially harmful accounts.

These new Security features are now available to most users of the Facebook Messenger application. It’s always a good idea to check your privacy and security settings on the Messenger platform and other apps you use just to be safe.

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