eBay will let you scan trading cards to sell them faster

Not everyone may be aware of this, but the world of trading cards is still quite a lucrative and popular market. In fact, last year, nearly 45 million business cards were sold on eBay alone. And if you have a few cards you want to put up for sale, it’s now easier for you to upload and post what you’re selling on eBay. Your mobile app will soon have a feature that lets you scan the cards to make the sales process faster and more convenient.

How new sales tool it will work is pretty simple. If you haven’t downloaded the eBay mobile app yet, then that’s your first step, of course. To start your list, search for the name of the game in the search bar and then select the “Tap to search with your camera” option. Your camera will open and you will need to point at the card and hold it steady as you scan the image. You will get a list of possible matches with details like game name, card title, card set, card number, rarity, card type, power, etc.

Depending on the options, you need to choose the correct card or at least the closest one for your listing to fill in with the details. You will need to add your own photos of the card, what is the condition, price, and shipping details for your listing to be completed and finalized. While there are details you need to enter, this feature’s automatic identification process should make it quicker and easier to load your business cards for sale.

Since trading cards are pretty big on eBay, there have been some improvements to the buying process as well. Sellers will no longer have to offer returns to qualify for Top Rated Plus. This is the program that offers sellers a 10% discount, credentials and eBay protections. Now you can also send raw business cards that cost $ 20 or less using the eBay Standard Envelope for less than $ 1.

eBay is also reviewing its buyer protection policy for both buyers and sellers. At launch in late April, this new sales tool will support Magic the Gathering cars and then add Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh. They will add sports trading cards and other collectible game cards later this year.

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