DXOMARK adds price targeting in benchmark rankings

We are familiar with the benchmarking information we regularly obtain from DXOMARK, including ratings for Camera, Selfie (front camera), Display, and Audio. This information sometimes helps consumers make decisions about whether or not to buy a particular smartphone based on the factors mentioned in conjunction with reviews from other sites. The ratings have universally covered devices in all price segments, but now they are launching a new feature on their website where people can filter the ratings based on launch price, brand, and launch date.

If you have never visited the DXOMARK website yet, they have a table that has the summary of their rankings. The overall score can be seen on the tested protocols, specifically the four mentioned above: camera, selfie, audio, and display. There are now new columns in the table with the manufacturer’s suggested retail price as well as the device’s release date. In this way, users looking for a new phone will be able to filter the listed devices by brand, price, and release date.

They have also divided the devices into different price segments based on launch prices, as well as product positioning in the brand portfolios of their respective OEMs. The launch prices used are in USD for consistency reasons. Prices are converted to USD from Euros or Chinese RMB when devices are not available in the US Segments are as follows:

• Essential (less than 200 USD)
• Advanced (between 200 and 399 USD)
• High-end (between $ 400 and $ 599)
• Premium (between 600-799 USD)
• Ultra-Premium (more than 800 USD)

DXOMARK is also changing the existing segmentation so that wireless speakers are consistent and stay in sync with the new smartphone price segment. The base currency is also now USD and is no longer in Euros. They also extended the upper limit for the Advanced segment and added a new Premium segment. The new segments are as follows:

– Essential: less than $ 200 (before less than 200 euros)
– Advanced: between $ 200 and $ 599 (before between 200 and 499 Euros)
– Premium: above $ 600 (new segment)

DOXMARK wants to help consumers deal with choice fatigue, so having these extra filters can help narrow down the choices. And with more and more devices hitting the market, choosing a device won’t be any easier.

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