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DuckDuckGo Email Protection will hide your address, block email trackers

Email Protection

Email Protection

DuckDuckGo is still alive. You have faced a number of challenges recently, but the program is still available. This week, it launched Email Protection. It’s still in beta, but this new feature will help provide email privacy without having to switch services. You can take advantage of a personal email address @ duck.com for free. Your email can be forwarded to your regular email inbox. Email trackers will now be removed. The goal is not to be tracked by one’s email address.

All you need to do is generate a unique private email address in the DuckDuckGo app. Please note that DuckDuckGo never saves your email so you are safe. You can be sure that your email is always private.

Trackers are removed. Not many people know that emails have trackers that detect their email activities, but not DuckDuckGo. It will not do anything without your consent.

DuckDuckGo Email Protection is a free email forwarding service. It will protect the privacy of your personal email address. It will also remove email trackers. You don’t even have to switch applications and change email services.

DuckDuckGo’s solution is simple: remove hidden trackers. These are removed from incoming emails that are sent to your address. Before emails reach your personal address, they become “more secure” without trackers.

The private address of the duck can be provided to you. It will protect you from potential ad targeting or being leaked into a data beach. See this solution as an additional layer of identity protection.

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