Dual recording feature comes to Galaxy S20, Note 20

Several of the camera features that were available from the factory for the Galaxy S21 lineup were finally available for last year’s flagship devices. One important feature that failed to do so was the director’s view, which allowed him to shoot simultaneously from the front and rear cameras. An update is now rolling out for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 and while it doesn’t have the Director’s View exactly, there is a somewhat simplified version called Dual Recording.

According to SAM MobileThe latest update for Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 devices not only comes with the regular security patch that Android devices receive every month. This one also brings a new feature called Dual Recording for the built-in camera app. It may not be exactly the Director’s View that some were hoping for, but it’s still a pretty handy mode to use especially for bloggers or those recording video messages for their loved ones.

How it works is pretty simple and is basically what the name says. You can record from the front camera and the main / rear camera simultaneously. The stream from one of the cameras will show up as a small window at the top that you can move around the screen. You can also change which one has the largest view and which one is the frame while you are recording. There is a sample of how it works in the video below.

There is a slight difference in how the Director’s View works. The feature that remains unique to the Galaxy S21 series allows users to view real-time broadcasts from all cameras on their phone. You can switch views by touching the thumbnails on the left, and if you want a close-up view, touch the thumbnails on the right. Both the director’s view and the dual recording feature are quite useful for content creators.

There is no news yet on whether the dual recording feature will eventually be rolled out to other Galaxy devices. It could be useful for foldable phones, so hopefully it will show up one way or another.

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