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Dropbox updated with new tools to stay organized wherever



Dropbox continues to be one of the most popular cloud and file hosting services. They just announced a host of new features and updates. The last one we reported on was Dropbox passwords that are available to basic users. There was also the Dropbox family, which allowed you to store, save, and protect files and passwords. Now you have new tools that can keep you organized at work and at home. The Dropbox experience has been perfected. Clutter has already been reduced so that users have access to content and workflows.

Some new features include Suggested folders. They allow you to share content with the right people. File conversion allows you to convert files to different formats without leaving Dropbox.

The systray now also offers a more streamlined experience. You can see that on the taskbar (Windows) or the menu bar (Mac). You may also notice new web browsing. This allows you to discover content faster. You will notice a new browsing experience on the left side. The details panel has also been redesigned. There you can see the highlights of the important content.

Dropbox also lets you protect your content and stay organized at home. Your most important personal content can be centralized, organized and protected. Camera uploads have been improved to be more reliable and faster for even basic users.

Now you can back up your device’s photos and videos to Dropbox automatically. You can also back up specific albums and customize how photos and videos are stored. When it comes to Dropbox passwords, you can now also take advantage of the password browser extension, password sharing, and credit and debit card support.

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