Home Technology News Doorbell doorbell, camera end-to-end encryption now ready for more users

Doorbell doorbell, camera end-to-end encryption now ready for more users

Ring Video Doorbell end-to-end encryption

Ring Video Doorbell End-To-End Encryption

The Ring Video Doorbell series has proven itself to be a smart effect product for the home over the past few years. We have already seen different versions. Updates and new features such as Alexa Greetings and Motion Warnings have been added. This time around, the company is introducing end-to-end encryption, which means increased security for camera doorbell and video transmissions. Encryption has been available, but only to those in the United States. Other Ring doorbell owners can now take advantage of the same enhancement.

Encryption doesn’t just happen when it’s in cloud storage. It is also being done as videos are uploaded and streamed to users’ mobile devices. However, not all Ring doorbell owners can take advantage of this. Only those using the Ring app can access the recorded images or actual broadcasts.

Ring has provided a list of all Ring devices that can support end-to-end encryption. They are as follows: Ring Video Doorbell Pro / Pro 2, Ring Video Doorbell Elite, Wired Ring Video Doorbell, Wired Ring Spotlight Cam, Ring Spotlight Cam Mount, Stick Up Cam Elite (2nd Gen), Plug-in Ring Stick Up Cam ( 3rd generation), Indoor Camera, Ring Floodlight Cam, Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus, Y Stick Up Cam with cable (2nd generation).

Ring users can still disable encryption if they wish. End-to-end encryption is optional, but it is recommended that you enable it on an E2EE Ring device running at least Android 8.0 or iOS 12. Battery operated models are not compatible with this E2EE. Even those in Belgium still can’t enable encryption.

Check your Ring device now and see if you can turn on end-to-end encryption. Launch the Ring app, proceed to Control Center> Video Management> Advanced Settings> End-to-End Encryption and select ‘Got it’. On-screen instructions will appear. Follow the instructions to generate a passphrase.

Ring has also announced new 2-factor authentication options. Feel free to use an auth app for that or a CAPTCHA in the Ring app and Neighbors app. If that’s not enough, Ring will also introduce other ways to make it easier for used devices to be erased or transferred to a new owner.