Digital Wellbeing Adds Heads Up Feature, Ready for Pixel Users

Attention to Google's Digital Wellbeing

Google’s Digital Wellbeing is always about helping people live their best lives. This technology is committed to helping everyone find the right balance. Since it was introduced, it has been integrated into many Android devices, mobile apps, and versions. The tech giant continues to improve Digital Wellbeing initiatives. We have seen the screen time target, focus mode, scheduling, flip to Shhh and relax (now bedtime mode). There is also that job profile feature. Last year, we mentioned that Google’s Digital Wellbeing will remind you to look up and it’s here, officially called ‘Heads Up’.

Digital Wellbeing’s latest feature, Heads Up, has been in the works and we’ve been anticipating it since November. It was previously spotted during an app launch. We then learned that the mobile feature would instruct users to hold their heads up while walking.

This warning is useful as it prevents distractions or accidents from occurring. The new feature is now available on eligible Google Pixel phones running Digital Wellbeing. Make sure Digital Wellbeing is up to date.

If you own a Google Pixel, check your phone if an update is ready. There is no official announcement from Google, but the new Attention to digital well-being the function is available. What described, Heads Up will tell you to watch your steps. It would be nice if you enable this feature because if you always use your phone while walking, you may receive a reminder to focus on what is around you.

Google still warns that “Heads Up” will not replace paying attention. The feature has yet to be configured. Expect this feature to display reminders every time you use the phone and walk at the same time.

Check the Digital Wellbeing App> Reduce Interruptions> Notice. You’ll see a switch and options for reminders, physical activity and location permission controls, and comments. Get the update Digital well-being in Play Store.

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