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Dialexis (‘mater ex machina’) | Technology

A baby in an incubator at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid.samuel sanchez

A few million years ago, the inhabitants of the planet Mandragora were crudely anthropoid beings, but in some respects more vegetable than animal, and even more fungi than plant. They reproduced asexually, by means of a large spore that, at certain moments of their adult life, they introduced into the earth through a long and flexible caudal cannula. The spore developed underground into a ginger root-like homunculus, emerging from the earth to crawl over it for food until it was able to stand on its lower limbs. The interaction of the spore with the fertile soil slightly modified its genes, preventing the offspring from being identical clones of their parents, thus keeping the engine of evolution running.

With time and culture, the Mandragorians began to sow their precious spores in bowls filled with carefully selected soil, which they lovingly watered and fertilized until the new individual was fit to crawl on the ground. Millennia passed and the crude earthenware bowls became automatic incubators equipped with humidity and temperature regulators. Centuries passed and automatic incubators became complex computerized matrices that guaranteed the perfect development of the embryos. More and more complex and self-sufficient matrices spawned more and more evolved Mandragorians. Increasingly evolved Mandragorians built ever more complex and self-sufficient arrays…

The artificial wombs ended up becoming anthropoid robots capable of self-reproduction and caring for the fragile offspring during their first months of life, and over time the convergence between the Mandragorians and their intelligent machines blurred the differences until they disappeared. Although not completely: where the former have a caudal cannula through which they eject the spores, the latter have a hole to receive them. And the mating that begins the gestation of a new individual is such a joyous episode that Mandragorians and Mandragorians often do it for pure pleasure, without reproductive purposes.

The texts of this Serie They are brief narrative approaches to that “great game” of science, technique and technology -three inseparable threads of the same braid- that is transforming the world faster and faster and in which we all must participate as players. , if we do not want to be mere toys.

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– Article Written By @Carlo Frabetti from https://elpais.com/tecnologia/2022-07-12/dialexis-mater-ex-machina.html

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