Depression: Coronavirus can cause depression due to regular breakdowns and stress caused by children at home.

  • It is not good to ignore the small things related to corona virus, this can increase your stress.
  • According to experts, trust children, try to return to your old routine and do not neglect health

Children are forced to stay home as schools and colleges close due to the corona virus epidemic. Schools are now open in Corona affected countries in the world. Taking care of children in Teva has become a challenge for parents. Parents are experiencing problems such as stress and headaches due to children and their deteriorating routines, but if ignored, such common problems can sometimes lead to depression.

“At our level, it is difficult for us to distinguish between physical and mental problems,” said Lina Wayne, a public health professor at George Washington University. This means that we do not understand whether the problem is physical or mental. This type of stress and headache can be a symptom of depression. Doctors should be consulted without delay as water starts flowing from the head.

Parents need to change their mind
According to a Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll, about 600 American parents said they had stopped taking their medications during the coronation period or were not taking them on time.

An Associate Professor of Valparaiso University, Drs. According to Amanda Zilowski, people have a hard time focusing on these problems. He thinks it would not be appropriate to go to the doctor for such a small problem. This carelessness can be overwhelming. Dr. “We need to change our thinking when coronovirus is not being eradicated,” Zillowski said. Instead of ignoring such problems one should go to the doctor.

Have to return to one’s own routine
According to Dr. Zilowski, the corona virus has suddenly and completely changed our routine. Which has also affected our mental and physical health. For this reason we cannot feel normal even after wanting. We should now return to our normal routine and focus on ourselves.

Indianapolis writer Erica Anderson is the mother of two children. One is two years old and the other is four years old. The corona virus changed its routine, as did its dealings with children. Says Erica Anderson, “I am very upset by this change. The doctors told me that if I reduce my stress, I will go into depression.” Now I am not thinking at all. Just trying to follow my old routine.

Learn to trust children
According to Dr. Zilhowski, people who have children over the age of 5 do not think much about children, it is important to take care of them now, but thinking about their studies, school and routines will not help. Wait for the situation to return to normal, the children will return to their routine.

Dr. According to Zilhuski, trust children and engage them to engage children in the age of 8 or older in grocery shopping and kitchen work.

Be cautious about your health
Dr. According to Zillowski, at a time when there is a medical emergency due to the corona virus, parents need to be aware of their own health with their children. Dr. Zilhuski and his colleagues say that you should do a health test with your health care experts and yourself. By doing this we will be able to reduce stress and avoid major problems like depression.