Demo of OPPO wireless charging technology, to be launched soon

OPPO charger

Wireless charging isn’t exactly a new technology, but it’s pretty much in its early stages. Several OEMs have introduced their own versions and are already implementing them. Most of the improvements have something to do with speed and power. Recently, we learned about the Xiaomi and Motorola versions. Motorola’s air wireless charging technology was demonstrated on video. Xiaomi also introduced 80W fast wireless charging technology last year, and recently Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology with 5W remote charging. More related technologies and solutions will be unveiled, but for now, here’s what OPPO has reserved for us.

OPPO has shared a video demonstration of its new wireless charging technology. OPPO air charging is a new way of wireless charging. It enables mobile users and consumers to charge electrical devices remotely.

The following video shows what appears to be a roll-up phone. We know that OPPO has the OPPO X 2021 rollable smartphone which we believe will not be marketed. OPPO has its new wireless or air charging technology that is being tested with a rollable phone.

Previously, the phone could not be used while charging wirelessly. That may change now with the idea of ​​contactless wireless charging. This is not final or official yet, but we like the idea.

The charger here seems to come with a thick surface. It is a normal wireless charger that connects to the device but only with a shorter distance. We assume that wireless charging will be possible even when using the phone, but only at that distance.

OPPO has not provided all the details. MWC Shanghai will be held this week and we can expect the Chinese OEM to make an announcement and demo. OPPO roll-up phone may not be available in the market, but the new wireless charging technology may be ready for ordinary OPPO smartphones.

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