DC Universe Infinite is a $ 7.99 / month comic subscription service

When DC launched their DC Universe app in 2018, the purpose was to bring everything DC to their fans in one place – comics, TV shows, movies, and originals. However, comic book fans had a hard time searching for titles and the app was not really designed for reading comics. So they decided to replace this with an app that would be specifically for comics and graphic novels. DC Universe Infinite is a new premium digital comics subscription service and community where you can get and read all about DC.

When you download and open the DC Universe Infinite app, you will notice that the look is lighter compared to the dark background of the previous DC Universe app. They have also updated the customization features and the comic book reading experience is on the cutting edge right now. When you subscribe, you can download comics, graphic novels, and original content so you can read them offline on your smartphone or tablet.

The home page displays different sections that make it easier for you to navigate the comic content of the app. You have Dive Back In for your Recently Read Books, Most Read Series, Trending Series, New to Read, and New & Popular. Users will be able to fine tune their experience by adding comics to their library and then create custom lists and have their own way of organizing the comics they are reading. The search filters are pretty good too, as you can search by art style, genre, and story length in addition to the usual.

It also has a Dark Mode option to help alleviate eye strain, especially if you’re reading for a long time. You’ll also get earlier access to new digital comics and also five new background titles that are released every week. There are plenty of archived DC Vault titles too, including Vertigo, DC Black Label, Milestone Media, and more to come. As for the video content that was part of DC Universe, you can find them on HBO Max.

Those who already have a DC Universe subscription no longer need to register as their login will carry over to DC Universe Infinite. The subscription is $ 7.99 per month or $ 74.99 per year. The application is now available for Android devices through Google Play Store.

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