Dashlane Essentials offers a new autocomplete engine, Password Changer

Essentials Plan

This is the first time we’ve heard about this, but if you’re looking for a new affordable plan, you might want to consider Essentials by Dashlane. No, this has nothing to do with the old Essential brand. It is a password management solution that can be used on smartphone and computer. A password manager is an essential tool these days when privacy and security can easily be compromised. We value the efforts of companies that do everything possible to protect accounts and data, and Essentials is a new alternative.

Dashlane Essentials Password Manager enhances people’s everyday experiences. It comes with a new password changer and a new autocomplete engine. The latter takes advantage of machine learning to display information that you enter frequently based on history.

Dashlane has been in the password management business for years, but it keeps working on new things and features. It previously introduced free and premium plans. They are good enough, especially the Premium plan, but there are still those who want and need something different. Essentials falls between the two as it is also easy to use, widely available for most devices, and offers the basic password management features.

Dashlane Essentials plan password changer autocomplete

The new Dashlane Essentials plan is affordable. It already comes with one-click access to Password Changer. It also includes Secure Notes that you can access on up to two devices.

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