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Comprehensive transformation for a safer world | Digitization | Technology

Comprehensive transformation for a safer world |  Digitization |  Technology

In the 46 years of Prosegur’s existence, the concept of security has evolved rapidly. In 1976 there was no talk of cybersecurity. Nor artificial intelligence. We weren’t even talking about blockchain ten years ago. But all these concepts have been installed in our lives and on the road to achieving a safer world, not only do they have to be incorporated; You also have to be prepared for what the future brings. In this context, Prosegur has embarked on a significant investment in the digitization and profound transformation of its entire corporate structure and business lines, a strategy based on a strategic plan that they have named Perform & Transform. That is, carry out and transform. Two verbs aimed at designing a work methodology focused, on the one hand, on the continuous improvement of its processes and the generation of efficiencies in operations and, on the other hand, on the development of new products and services that will be key in its future.

“A large part of our competitiveness depends on having a technological base that allows us to improve processes and move quickly and agilely in the development of our offer of solutions and services. For this reason, we are firmly committed to the digital transformation of our company and to the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, cloud or the hyper-automation of processes”, explains Manuel Tarrasa, CIO & CTO of Prosegur.

The company currently operates in 26 countries and has a workforce of 150,000 people, “This dimension makes it necessary to have common processes that allow access and consolidation of information practically at the minute. To achieve this, technology is essential. But, in addition, the needs of our customers force us to pay constant attention to innovation in order to meet the demands that occur in an increasingly changing world”. It is with this purpose in mind that the company is deploying a technological infrastructure that supports the operating model and allows the implementation of the innovation strategy, with the aim of accelerating the construction of a differential value proposition in the security market.

In 2021, Prosegur has worked on the creation of more than 30 global projects of applied technological innovation, with an investment of 26.6 million euros

In 2021 Prosegur worked on the creation and start-up of more than 30 global projects of applied technological innovation, with an investment of 26.6 million euros. Projects carried out some solo, but also in collaboration with startup and other corporations. The objective is specialization in technological areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, internet of things or blockchain. “Artificial intelligence, for example, is a key technology for us, due to the large number of tasks that it is allowing us to automate in the field of security, from intruder detection to more sophisticated tasks such as facial recognition,” he details. Manuel Terrasa.

These technologies have led to significant operational improvements for the company and are already the basis for new services applied to the fields of corporate and residential security. Processes that are based on the technological platform GenzAIcompany’s own development.

The digital cycle of money

One of the most significant examples of this process of innovative transformation is in Prosegur Cashthe Prosegur subsidiary dedicated to the logistics of valuables and cash management, precisely the sector in which the company started back in 1976.

Many solutions have been added to the traditional yellow armored vans to accelerate the digitization of cash in society, favoring its efficiency and availability. Restoration, retail, hotels, gas stations… There are more and more diverse businesses that trust in CashToday a service to digitize the cash management process at the point of sale. The money is entered into a machine connected to the Prosegur Cash operating systems and is credited instantly to the customer’s bank account, so that the customer achieves timely and efficient monitoring of the cash cycle, while gaining in the security of the operation of your business.

And like so many other companies and sectors, in this post-pandemic context, Prosegur has identified its acceleration engine in flexibility and innovation. “Today we are a company that is better prepared to face any scenario,” says Manuel Tarrasa, CIO & CTO of Prosegur.

Business management solutions

Prosegur has set out to help other companies on their way to digitization through Prosegur AVOS, its business unit specialized in redesigning, automating and outsourcing processes. It is already present in six countries through 12 technology centers and a workforce of more than 3,000 professionals.

At Prosegur AVOS offer solutions for front office (customer service and development of commercial actions and campaigns), back office (carrying out administrative and business support tasks for the proper management of the organization) and, with the Prosegur AVOS Tech line, an à la carte technology service to meet the specific needs of each client. In addition, with the recent acquisition of the Chilean holding company Solu Negocios, Prosegur AVOS consolidates itself as a leading provider of processes and technology for banking and insurance.

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