Clubhouse finally begins beta testing for Android

It’s surprising that given the popularity of the Clubhouse social media app right now, it’s still available only to iOS users. Those on Android who have been waiting for the audio chat app to hit their devices might be getting it soon. The developers have now announced that they are finally beginning beta testing for select Android users. Earlier this year, they announced that they had been able to secure a second round of funding, so it’s no wonder they are now working hard on Android app development to get a bigger slice of the pie for this growing market. .

Club house is an audio-only social media application that has gained popularity during the pandemic as an alternative to video conferencing applications. Its popularity may be because it takes the pressure off of being camera ready and also consumes less bandwidth than apps like Zoom, Facebook Live, Google Meet, etc. It has become so popular that some of the larger social media platforms have created their own version such as Twitter Spaces, Telegram’s Voice Chat 2.0, and the upcoming Facebook Live Rooms.

The Android version is not available to everyone yet, but they have started rolling out a “rough beta” for some select testers. The iOS version is actually invite-only, which may have added to the app’s charm of exclusivity. Clubhouse says they’ll be welcoming more Android users in the coming weeks, so we’ll see a bigger beta soon. They’ll probably be doing something invitational here too.

They have also announced some slight improvements to the iOS app. Those who join rooms and stay for more than a few minutes will now receive a message to follow the club to be notified when a new room is available. There are more improvements to improve discovery, notification quality, and abuse prevention. Users can now also use the “Magic Tap” gesture within a room to find out who is currently speaking.

There is still no announcement in a specific timeline on when we can expect a real Android app. We will probably know more about him as he expands his beta release.

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