Chromecast with Google TV receives a new firmware version

Chromecast Firmware Update with Google TV April 2021

There is no official announcement yet, but there appears to be an update for Chromecast with Google TV. A user and redditor shared the good news that there is new firmware available. If you see a QTS1.210311.005 update available, it is the latest and may appear when you launch Google TV or your Chromecast. The version is only 166 MB. The changelog says that the software update includes Bluetooth audio stutter improvements in some apps. There are also HDMI hot plug improvements that help your Chromecast detect the ideal TV settings.

The to update It also allows you to configure the HDMI-CEC to turn only the TV on or off within the settings. You can also access Advanced Video Controls settings for resolution and refresh rate, color formats, and granular HDR formats. Google has also worked on WiFi improvements for 5GHz and Mesh networks. Of course this particular update also offers the latest safety path level as of April 2020.

The last Chromecast related update We mentioned here was in February. The Apple TV app is now also available on Chromecast with Google TV.

Google has also been working on integrating Nest Audio and Chromecast. Recently, Google Nest added Apple TV, guest mode, and hands-free controls. We can expect more Chromecast enhancements to be made in the coming months.

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