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Chromebook gets update, new features and improvements

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Chromebook Connection

In the second quarter of the year, the number of Chromebooks and tablets increased significantly. Chromebooks have particularly grown year over year. With the pandemic not ending anytime soon, we can expect more Chromebooks to be sold in the coming months. The school year is about to start in most parts of the world, so we anticipate increased demand for laptops and tablets. For Google, the Chromebook system depends on the Chrome OS platform. Many OEMs have ventured into this product category since its first introduction. A decade later, the Chromebook has become a reliable workstation, whether for work, school, or business.

Google is set to improve the Chromebook system better than ever. As more people are invited to stay home, Chromebooks will continue to be useful. New features will be available so that people can better communicate with their family, friends and colleagues.

On the one hand, Google has improved video calling on the Chromebook. Chrome OS update brings Google Meet as a preinstalled app. It offers video backgrounds, performance enhancements, and tuned video performance.

Outside of Google Meet, you can still use Zoom. It’s better because it takes up less storage. You can also expect faster performance and the latest features like background masking, live transcription, and breakout rooms. Emoji on Chromebooks is available. It also gets a new emoji picker and a new shortcut.

eSIM for cellular connectivity is also now supported on some models of Chromebooks, especially those from Acer. A new collection of wallpapers is ready from different black artists: Meech Boakye, Sabrena Khadija and Aurelia Durand.

If you’re a parent or guardian, you can check out the Explore app on Chromebooks. It includes a digital magazine for children and the whole family. It contains educational apps and games that can run on the Chromebook.